Tips to Make Music at Home with Your Family

Tips to Make Music at Home with Your Family

(StatePoint) Music enriches lives and offers people of all ages a number of benefits — from improving academic outcomes for children to relieving stress for working adults, and even helping seniors keep their minds active.

Indeed, social harmony is higher within families when young people listen to music, according to a study conducted by Frontiers in Psychology.

This National Piano Month, celebrated in September, is a great time to foster a love for making and appreciating music. Here are three ways to get your family started:


Take advantage of school music programs, from choral groups to band to piano lessons, your child’s school can provide a great foundation for music education. Supplement this at-school learning by encouraging children to practice at home. Private lessons are a great option and often affordable when taught by an older student. Online tutorials can also prove helpful. Your school’s music teacher can be a great resource for these possibilities.

Get Equipped

Having a piano in your home will not only help ensure that your kids will practice music on their own time, but it can also take center stage when creating musical memories as a family. Look for a family-friendly option, such as Casio’s CGP-700, which features an icon-based menu and a Color Touch Interface that enables musicians to choose tones, select rhythms, split and layer sounds — fun options that will come in handy during sing-a-longs. Its 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard with simulated ebony and ivory keys gives an authentic piano feel that musicians expect in a grand piano in a compact design. Plus, headphone jacks make practice time easier for shy beginners.

Field Trip

Take the whole family to local music events and performances, such as the local orchestra, musical theater or your favorite band coming to town. Exposure to a wide-range of musical genres has great cultural value and will get the members of your family thinking about music theory without even realizing it.

This National Piano Month, take time to make and appreciate music at home and in the community.


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