Currency Markets Explained In New Futures Fundamentals Video

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Currency Markets Explained In New Futures Fundamentals Video

By NAPS, North American Precis Syndicate

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(NAPSI)—Currency markets have recorded some of the highest volatility in two decades in 2015. And with currency changes in China in the headlines around the world, it is critical for everyone to understand how currency or foreign exchange (FX) markets impact us here at home.

FX markets help companies large and small manage their risk when importing, exporting, operating internationally or simply buying and selling goods and services. Companies hedge their risk by often using foreign exchange futures to mitigate the potential for pricing fluctuations in geographies in which they operate. To help illuminate how these markets work, Futures Fundamentals (, the online resource brought to you by CME Group—among the world’s leading derivatives exchanges—has released a new video, “FX Explained.” The video explains how FX futures are used to lock in foreign exchange rates, helping to manage the risks of doing business in other geographies and acting as a guard against the fluctuations in the value of currencies impacted by political, economic or weather issues.

“The foreign exchange market is essential to our everyday lives, serving as the backbone of global trade and investing,” noted Anita Liskey, CME Group Managing Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications. “This video explains why currency markets are vital to businesses worldwide in helping them obtain resources and generate increased demand for their goods and services. It also explains the role CME Group plays in managing the risks associated with currency values for a business.”

Futures Fundamentals strives to make financial education an engaging experience for anyone. With easy-to-understand content that audiences from students to experienced market participants will find informative, Futures Fundamentals takes investing concepts such as futures, hedging and speculating, and shows how each plays an essential role in the world around us.

The release of “FX Explained” is the second of three videos that Futures Fundamentals is issuing this year. Learn how businesses and individuals can handle the risks of global business and keep up to date on new content by visiting

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