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More to Macomb than Walmart

Bill Welt

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Wal-Mart seems to be the only destination for students in Macomb. Most, if not all, incoming freshmen are oblivious to the other businesses that exist in their new community.

So, I’d like to point out some of the best stops Macomb has to offer.

  There are a plethora of good restaurants in Macomb, but they are hard to find. A common complaint among students is there aren’t any good places to eat in the small community. Students travel far away to places like Keokuk for Sonic and Galesburg for Steak ‘N’ Shake because they don’t know where to go or what to order in Macomb.

  Shiloh’s Bar & Bistro is the best place to take a date. Although priced high for students, the food is the best you can get in Macomb with an intimate environment.

Jackson Street Pub may not look like much, but it is a hidden jewel. Food items are fairly cheap and delicious, a perfect combination for students. Students must try the horseshoe, which is an open-faced burger covered with fries and cheese. Trust me, it’s amazing.

  Chicks on the Square also features its own special item: chicken “lips.” These are long chicken strips covered in a special hot sauce. If you are up for an eating challenge, try the Chicks Challenge. To win the Challenge, two people must team up to successfully eat 25 chicken “lips,” an ice cream cake and 16 ounces of dipping sauce. If they fail, they’ll land a spot on the Wall of Losers.

  Meanwhile, Guadalajara serves excellent Mexican food at reasonable prices. Its lunch specials are super cheap, yet you get a large amount of delicious food for the very small price.

  Also, Aurelio’s and Larry A’s are great places to go for pizza if you’re tired of the regular pizza chains, though Casey’s also offers pizza on the cheap.  For Chinese food, you can try the student favorite Lin’s Garden, or the hidden hideaway that is Yen Ching, located near Papa John’s and the Apollo laundromat.

  Aurelio’s, Shiloh’s and Chicks prove  there is more to the downtown square than the bars for students. There are also shops in the community center that try to appeal to the student body. Envy is one of those places. The clothing store has seen considerable success in recent years with its low prices, providing a better variety than Walmart or Kmart for special occasion clothes.

  Of course don’t limit your search to the downtown square. Here are some other stores to check out in Macomb.

Rock ‘N’ Records near the square is a cool place to buy various items, such as clothes, posters and albums. Spirit in the Sky, located next to Italian Express, is also a great place to look for unique clothing.

  Blades is the best stop for a hair cut with its convenient location near campus, located south of Rock ‘N Records.

  Jackson Street Market on the far west end of West Jackson should be an interesting store for students. The store has met frustration with delays in its grand opening, but this small grocer plans to target students with its products and prices. Not to mention it could be a good place to buy booze, with liquor sales seemingly nonexistent on the west side of town.

  Finally, I’ll end with the Dollar Tree near K-Mart. If you are not familiar with the Dollar Tree, you probably should be.

  Of course there are plenty of other places I failed to mention that cater towards students. But this list should help those new in town to know what to look for in Macomb outside of Wal-Mart.

  Besides, Wal-Mart’s prices aren’t even that good compared to all the other stores in Macomb. It’s only a matter of knowing where to look.

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More to Macomb than Walmart