Letterfromtheeditor 8-19-11

By Bill Welt

The Western Courier will be taking on a different look this year. For those familiar with the paper, it has obviously changed its appearance. This change is part of an attempt to make the paper more appealing to its readers.

Along with this alteration, the WC started a new web site for the new academic year. The web site will be a drastic departure from past years. It will be more engaging and attractive for readers.

Due to pursuits of making the WC more appealing on print and online, it will need to expand its staff. Students with skills in graphic design, web site design and cartoon drawing are encouraged to fill out an application. Just stop by our office (located behind Sherman Hall across from Seal Hall) or email us at micour@wiu.edu.

We are also looking for more writers, columnists and photographers. You don’t need prior journalism experience to write for us, and you don’t have to be journalism or broadcasting major, either.

Of course, the WC’s prerogative is to deliver the best news coverage for students, faculty and administrators. This has been true since 1905. On that note, we seek students, faculty and administration members to offer the WC news tips. If you have an event or controversial issue you’d like us to cover, send us a tip. You may call us at 298-1876 or email us at micour@wiu.edu. Additionally, feel free to send “Letters to the Editor” to our email address for publication.

We will also provide coverage of local events outside the University campus. After all, Western Illinois University is part of the Macomb community. I believe Western students are as much part of the Macomb community as any other Macomb resident. Hopefully the paper may help bringing the Macomb community closer to campus.

The WC would like to formally congratulate University President Jack Thomas on becoming the 11th president of Western Illinois. We wish him the best this year for his administration. Finally, the WC would like to welcome new and returning students for the new school year.