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‘Planet of the Apes’ delivers with plot and CGI

Mark Csernus

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“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is a big budget, CGI-jammed action flick. The plot revolves around developing a cure for Alzheimer’s in humans. When tested on apes, it is discovered it heightens their intelligence, yet shows signs of being dangerous to the human body.

There are some interesting characters and an entertaining plot, but a tumultuous ape rebellion is the high point of this movie. Gorillas hurry down San Francisco streets, caving in windshields and terrorizing pedestrians. They use the bars from their dismantled cages as spears and hurl them at police cruisers. The special effects utilized in the battle scenes look amazing throughout the entire ape riot.

The climax of the movie takes place on The Golden Gate Bridge, where a police barricade momentarily stops the uprising. The apes plow through the roadblock by capsizing a semi and ramming it right on through a wall of SWAT team officers and parked police cars. How could you not want to see this?

“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is interesting for two main reasons. James Franco is the first. After “Spider Man 2,” Franco starred in a film called “The Ape.” “Not Planet of the Apes,” just “The Ape,” a film about an unbalanced writer who has a talking monkey as a roommate. Don’t feel bad for not hearing about it. It went straight to video and roughly eight people bought it.

Franco was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award last year for his performance in “127 Hours.” Despite losing to Colin Firth, Franco’s nomination is recognition of his talent.

The second reason you should see “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is to watch a twenty-minute man vs. ape battle. The movie has some suspenseful moments. A is pretty cool concept overall.

No news of a sequel has been announced as of yet. However, the film’s open ending leaves the door ajar for a possibility of one. The monkey business has only begun.

Almost every popular movie is serialized these days. Fortunately, this story deserves a part two.

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‘Planet of the Apes’ delivers with plot and CGI