The funniest band around returns

Pat Haynes

Many bands extensively utilize humor in their lyrics. Bands like Tenacious D and The Lonely Island have made names for themselves by being intentionally funny. Yet, these groups operate primarily as comedians, with the focus on the band becoming secondary.

Blink 182 is possibly the funniest serious band out there. Few take lyrics about getting expelled from high school, and awkward family reunions, so seriously. It’s made all the more amusing by the fact that the potty humor is coming from men closer to the age of the listener’s parents.

Judging from the two songs released from their upcoming reunion album, “Neighborhoods,” the band’s funniest days may be over with, as they have, unfortunately, gotten slightly more serious with age.

In honor of their heyday, here is a look at my picks for the band’s three funniest songs.

3. “Happy Holidays, You Bas****”

This jolly holiday song, featuring lyrics touching on Labor Day and Christmas Eve comes from their 2001 record “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.” Even the album title is hilarious. The subject matter is too risqué to print any lyrics. Topics focus on diarrhea from an elder family member and anxiety over not wrapping presents in time. This is all jam-packed into forty seconds.

Check out Mark Hoppus’ performance of this from his show “Hoppus on Music,” with guest Ben Folds on YouTube. The slowed-down pace makes the outrageous lyrics all the more amusing.

2. “What’s My Age Again?”

Anyone who feels this song isn’t a classic anthem for 20-year olds is foolish. If you’ve ever dealt with girl problems, this is the perfect song for you. The song deals with Hoppus singing about his girlfriend not wanting to put up with his lackadaisical attitude and constant pranks. Surprisingly, despite the humorous lyrics, the song features one of Tom Delonge’s most recognizable, and difficult, guitar lines.

1. “Dysentery Gary”

The name says basically all that I need to about the band’s sincerity. Despite the definition of the title, the humor for once strays from toilet and instead pokes fun at the narrator’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. While the song does have its serious moments, not to mention an extremely catchy guitar riff, Delonge’s relentless insults on behalf of the new boyfriend are comical.