Perry, Gaga big winners at VMAs


Peter Byrne

The award show that has created some of the most iconic moments in popular culture history was at it again this weekend.

The MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday night and was fresh with moments that could blow you away and those that make you scratch your head, wondering how some of these people ever got on television.

The show opened with Lady Gaga’s masculine alter ego, Jo Calderone, performing “You and I” with a special guitar cameo from the legendary rocker Brian May of Queen fame.

Chris Brown’s dancing contest with himself was highly entertaining despite how egotistical the concept sounds. From throwbacks to past VMA winners such as Nirvana and Wu Tang Clan to creative use of fly wire, the whole thing was highly entertaining and showed why he is in the running for best dancer of our generation.

The tribute to Amy Winehouse by Russell Brand and Bruno Mars was a crowd favorite. Mars preformed “Valerie” in honor of Winehouse, and even got Tyler the Creator, who publicly admits to hating Mars, to clap along.

Lady Gaga. The end. She wasn’t as “out there” as she has been in the past but still made a statement. She spent the entire show as Jo Calderone. This may have let down a lot of fans who were very interested to see what Lady Gaga would be wearing this year.

As with any award show, there was a fair share of lowlights too.

The biggest low point of the VMAs was easily Tyler, the Creator. This star is why rappers have the bad stigma that they currently do. Whether it was his negative comments towards Bruno Mars or the phallic gestures during his interview, there is a lot of competition for reasons why he isn’t fit for social interaction. The young, budding artist truly showed his age Sunday night but was rewarded for his juvenile antics by being awarded the VMA for Best New Artist.

Granted, this incident isn’t the only reason I am highly suspicious of the “voting process” for the VMAs. Either there are millions of closet Bieber freaks, or every tweenage girl in the country texted in a vote for the young superstar, getting him a win for Best Male Artist.

Another let down was the overall technical direction of the VMAs. Every malfunction you could think of occurred during the show. Microphones didn’t work. Cameras were all over the place. Performers even ran into their back up dancers.

Overall, it was quite an entertaining show. The good definitely outweighed the bad of the night. It is quite possible that years from now fans will still be trying to figure out just what the hell Nicki Minaj was doing with a surgical mask on.


Video of the Year: Katy Perry- Firework

Best Female Video: Lady Gaga- Born This Way

Best New Artist: Tyler, The Creator

Best Male Video: Justin Bieber- U Smile

Best Collaboration: Katy Perry and Kanye West- E.T.

Best Hip-Hop Video: Nicki Minaj- Superbass

Best Rock Video: Foo Fighters- Walk

Best Pop Video: Britney Spears- Til the World Ends

Best Video With A Message: Lady Gaga- Born This Way