Costumes for the fanboys

Hunter Kelley

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Halloween. We all know what that means. It’s the one time of year where all girls’ and guys’ repressed slutty tendencies are exposed to everyone around them. Lord forbid pictures are taken and then these said tendencies are exposed to the world. On the other hand there are still people out there whose idea of a Halloween costume stretches beyond the boundaries of French maid, or sailor, or anything else along those lines. To me, Halloween is the one night out of the entire year where you can be whatever you want. The only limit is your imagination, or your wallet. Here are my top 5 costume picks for this Halloween season, based on 2011 movies.

1.) Batman. I know, I know. Maybe it’s not the most original costume idea of all time, and “The Dark Knight Rises” isn’t coming out until next summer, but Batman is a timeless classic nonetheless. Batman is arguably one of the most iconic characters the world has ever known; why not pay tribute to The Dark Knight Detective? If this is too unoriginal for you, try going as the Adam West Batman from the campy 1960s TV show. If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe try Bat suit from Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies. Those suits came complete with nipples and butt cheeks, and you will be sure to get some laughs from that one!

2.) Ryan Gosling’s Driver, “Drive”- For those of you who didn’t see “Drive” this fall, you are seriously missing out. Not only was this one of the best movies of the year, it also gave us Driver, a silent, stoic, face stomping anti-hero played by Ryan Gosling. The big buzz with this movie was Gosling’s character, simply called Driver, who wore a cream colored satin jacket with a giant golden scorpion emblazoned on the back. The jacket has become something of a pop culture phenomenon already. Custom made for the movie, fans are now able to buy their very own “Drive” jacket available through Steady Clothing’s website. Get the jacket, be the Driver!

3.) The Adjustment Team, “The Adjustment Bureau”- Ok, maybe this wasn’t the best movie of 2011, or even one of Matt Damon’s best outings as an actor, but the movie was entertaining nonetheless. All you would need is a group of four or five friends, some really nice suits, trench coats and fedora hats. The Adjustment Team would be a surefire way to win a group Halloween contest and to be recognized. Just try not to spill anything on the suits.

4.) Hobo, “Hobo With A Shotgun”-While this movie was under the radar – and rightly so – it has already become something of a cult classic. The name alone gives me vibes reminiscent of “Snakes on a Plane.” Regardless of how over the top the movie may have been, a hobo with a shotgun Halloween costume is guaranteed to get some big laughs. You may become someone’s new best friend, or worst nightmare, depending.

5.) Lizbeth Salander, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”-While the American film adapted from German author Steig Larsson’s novel of the same name isn’t due in the theaters until November, one can simply look at screenshots of Rooney Mara from the movie to get a feel for what the character looks like. A quick trip to Hot Topic is all it should take for ladies to get the full goth attire required for this particular costume.

6.) Captain America, “Captain America: The First Avenger”-This costume is guaranteed to be a surefire hit this Halloween season. With the release of the DVD and Blu Ray only three days before Halloween, Captain America is going to be all over the place this year.

7.) Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, “Green Lantern”-2011 was definitely the year for comic book fans, with their favorite characters being brought to life on the big screen. Green Lantern was no exception. Unfortunately the costume won’t be powered by will, it will most likely be a cotton/polyester blend, but it will have to suffice.

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