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Brittney Colangelo

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As a self-proclaimed horror fangirl, this is the one time of the year where my obsession with all things mysterious and spooky is embraced rather than picked fun at. It’s understandable that with only one movie theatre and one video store in town, the students of Western have been cursed with slim pickings as far as discovering horror films. However, I’m about to put on my horror hipster glasses and deliver the students of Western some of the best horror films they’ve probably never heard of – but can still get at Family Video.

With the outbreak of “Paranormal Activity” freaking out audiences across the nation, we seem to be somewhat obsessed with POV films that look like they were made on our parents’ handycams. If you’re into the whole “shaky cam” sort of film, you should really check out the Spanish classic “[REC].” You may have heard of the absolutely dreadful American remake, “Quarantine,” which is an insult to the original. Although the film is subtitled, you could watch “[REC]” on mute and still find yourself grabbing a pillow to cover your eyes.

2009 brought back the “killer kid” genre with “Orphan,” and if the Grady Sisters in “The Shining” proved anything, it’s that evil children are really freaking scary. A little more brutal and far more graphic than “Orphan,” is British import “The Children.” This film takes a horrifying look into what happens when children wake up one morning and decide to kill their parents. Expect insane death scenes, stunning cinematography and adorable accents on children that look like they stepped out of a GAP ad.

I’m reluctant to include this next film on this list simply because it’s a film that isn’t going to make you scream but rather make your skin crawl. Slow-burning Australian film “Lake Mungo” is set up like a “Dateline NBC” episode interviewing the paranormal events that occurred to a family after their daughter mysteriously drowned on a family trip. I can’t say much more without spoiling the entire film, but if you do watch it, watch through the credits. You’ll thank me later.

With the success of films like “Saw” and “Hostel,” it seems that there’s an inner gore-hound in everyone. Instead of watching a mindless film with gore for gore’s sake, try the horror fanatic favorite “The Thing” – not to be confused with the prequel that just came out – or the often-overlooked gross-out film, “Splinter.” If you want a mindless film with gore for gore’s sake, pick up Adam Green’s cult favorite “HATCHET” and for the hell of it, pick up the sequel, “HATCHET II.”

If you’re not much of a horror buff and want to watch a film that will only scare you for life in lieu of giving you nightmares, pick up Adam Green’s other film, “Frozen.” It stars the boy from “Air Bud,” the guy from “Animorphs,” and the always-beautiful Emma Bell. The film is brilliantly written and, unlike most horror films, delivers characters you actually emotionally invest in. This one is definitely worth a look.

This list could go on forever, and I tried to select films that were somewhat recent and would appeal to just about anyone. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and willing to step out of the typical collegiate horror box, watch something made before 1985, and for the love of Lovecraft, watch the ORIGINALS instead of the remakes. If you’re still looking for more horror, feel free to read up on my blog www.dayofwoman.blogspot.com, or catch me around campus. To quote Bette Davis: “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

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