Franchises that simply won’t die

Corey Walker

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For every one decent, financially successful horror film, there are a slew of vastly inferior sequels that detract from the original’s success. In honor of Halloween, here are a few horror franchises we want gone. Now!

1.) Friday the 13th Series

There have been 12 installments, all in which Jason has been killed and mysteriously resurrected. 12 movies are enough for any series, let alone a series that has become inexplicably dumb, predictable and dull. Jason has been burned to death, electrocuted, decapitated, frozen to death, pushed into a meat grinder, shot down by the FBI and, yet, still continues to somehow survive. I don’t understand why anyone would want to see another installment.

2.) Nightmare on Elm Street Series

The first “Nightmare on Elm Street” introduced us to the ugly and iconic Freddy Krueger. The first film was innovative, imaginative and just plain scary. The sequels followed the exact same formula, and Freddy went from frightening to somewhat funny. The plots became incomprehensible and many just stopped caring.

3.) Saw Series

“Saw” claimed to end with their seventh installment last Halloween. However, not shockingly, there is reported to be a prequel in the works. While the first “Saw” was passable, the rest were nothing short of a crime to humanity. There are three things working against this series. First, “Saw” only seems to appeal to those who have a strange fetish for blood. Second, to understand any “Saw” film, you have to see the previous installments in order and forget the conflicting plot lines. Third, does anybody actually care about these preposterous, convoluted plots? I didn’t think so.

4.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series

One of the most iconic slasher villains has produced a franchise that has spawned six films, comic books and a video game. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” isn’t as scary as it is disturbing. No one wants to see humans grinded into chili. Also, when essentially the same sequence of events happens in every film, it becomes quite boring.

5.) Scream Series

“Scream” started off well, but quickly descended into the realm of stupidity. The film made fun of horror clichés. While this was a refreshing take on the horror genre, the longer the series continued, the duller it got. The film went from making fun of other horror films to almost making fun of itself.

“Scream 5” is expected to reach screens next year, but hopefully Wes Craven will have enough mercy to kill this series before it kills us.

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