Costumes for the indie kids

Elana Katz Courier Staff

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Every Halloween, amongst the slutty nurses, slutty sluts and guys dressed as girls, a few brave souls attempt a pop culture costume that is relevant from the past year.

With an entire year of tabloid stories, summer blockbusters and brand new TV shows behind us, how is anyone supposed to choose?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite – and completely doable – pop culture costumes.

Whether you choose to mock or honor these is completely up to you.

Just try to stay away from anyone who died this year (putting on a black turtle neck and being Steve Jobs is not acceptable) and Charlie Sheen. Really, it’s not funny anymore.

A die-hard “Harry Potter” fan: Wear your best Hogwarts garb, carry the last book or DVD but cry the entire night. Bonus points for real tears.

A member of The Arcade Fire: Dress like a hipster and carry a Grammy. No one will know who you are.

Ryan Gosling from “Drive:” Satin jacket, tight pants, cool guy face.

Ryan Gosling in “Ides of March:” Same cool guy face, add a button down and tie.

Any of the Avengers: Go the Captain America route from this summer or get a leg up on all of next year’s Avenger’s costumes. Take your pick.

Thom Yorke in the Lotus Flower music video: White shirt, black hat, weird dance moves that only you can make cool.

Lisbeth Salander in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:” Book nerds’ costume from a few years ago, the film nerds’ costume for next year. Sport lots of black, leather, fake tattoos and piercing. Horrible social skills and photographic memory not included.

Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC: Wear a sign that says Super PAC and make hilarious jokes without officially endorsing any of the Republican candidates.

Emma Stone: Be really sassy and down-to-earth. Everyone will love you, because how could they not?

Sophisticated 1960s clothing: But are you from “Mad Men,” “Pan Am,” “The Playboy Club” or actually the 1950s “The Hour?” No one will know!

Christopher Nolan at the Oscars: Wear a tux; silently weep as everyone who worked on “Inception” wins an award except you.

Netflix: Wear red, hand out DVDs, and keep changing your mind about how much you want to charge for them.

Melissa McCarthy from “Bridesmaids:” Be a female, dress like Guy Fierri. Even more impressive if you find puppies to carry with you.

The baby from “Nevermind:” Help Nirvana celebrate the album’s 20th anniversary by dressing up as a naked baby swimming after a dollar. It’s practical.

Any of the Muppets: With the new movie only a month away, the Muppets are trendy again. Come on, who doesn’t love the Muppets?

Occupy Wall Street Protester: It’s not pop culture, but they’re in the media all the time. However, don’t do this one. You’re going to think you’re being original, but you’re not. You’re just being lazy.

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