‘Horror’ movies that bring the laughs

Elana Katz Courier Staff

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Here’s a little known fact that may be hard for some people to accept: not everyone likes being scared on Halloween.

For all of the horror fans out there who live for this night, there are just as many wusses (guilty) and cynics who can’t get past the insanity of it all.

Scary movie nights are all too common this time of the year, which prove difficult for these offenders. Here’s the good news: not all Halloween movies are scary.

In fact, there are plenty movies for the holiday that are even funny.

Here are five that not only are in the spirit of the holiday but require laughs rather than a blanket to hide under.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”- Anyone who hasn’t see this cult classic by now needs to stop what they’re doing and get their hands on a copy immediately. For those few “Rocky Horror” virgins, Halloween is the perfect time to get on board. A gloomy mansion filled with a transvestite scientist, his buff creation, Meat Loaf resurrected from the dead, musical numbers and aliens are likely to get even the cynics in the Halloween mood.

“Young Frankenstein”- This Mel Brooks classic is delightful at anytime of year, but the spoof of the classic Frankenstein tale is at its best on the holiday. Mel Brooks’ films never disappoint, and his take on Dr. Frankenstein, the hunchbacked Igor, his pretty lab assistant and a not-so-conventional monster brings laughs for days.

“Hocus Pocus”- What could be a better Halloween movie to take you back to the good old days of staying up late to watch October’s Disney Channel Original movie? Full of nostalgic scenes, this kid’s movie still holds up. A sweet Halloween adventure about growing up, there’s hardly a better non-violent or scary movie for this day that all ages can enjoy.

“Shaun of the Dead”- Everyone could see this one coming, but no Halloween comedy list is complete without it. Witty and clever, this spoof of “Dawn of the Dead” never disappoints. Simon Pegg is fantastic as Shaun and every Halloween needs some zombies, right?

“Beetlejuice”- If we’ve got zombies, monsters, and aliens covered, what about some ghosts? Although it’s hard to beat the undeniable genius that is “Ghostbusters,” Halloween calls for something a little creepier. “Beetlejuice” is strange and wonderful, with elements of the holiday that manage to be just as funny as they are weird and creepy.

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