Females froting indie pop

Kathryn Brostowitz

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Contrary to popular belief, the idea that a woman can survive the musical industry without the help of a record label to support her is not as farfetched as it may seem.

Listed below are three unsigned female musical artists to look out for in the near future.

Reina del Cid

The Youtube sensation first started posting videos of her original acoustic songs in 2007. Although she has been posting videos for a few years, she just recently started to gain the general population’s attention by recording her first album. Many people have pointed out the similarities between her style and Ellen Page’s title character from the movie “Juno,” with her center part ponytail and the passion with which she plays the guitar. Her first EP, titled “Let’s Begin,” just dropped on iTunes and is available on

her website

Tracks to listen to: “Expiration Date,” “Sister Don’t Cry “

Katie Quick

This Chicago native is not just a musician but also a former public school teacher who has used her popularity for a good cause by creating the arts and education program called “Fingertips.” When it comes to her music, the country singer has been featured on radio stations across America as well as receiving rave reviews in leading country music publication, Maverick Magazine, who called her

work “inspirational.”

Tracks to listen to: “Chicago Summer Nights,” “Something About

the Rain”

Aislinn Grant

A haunting soprano adds a unique element to this artist’s folk style. With a mix of original music as well as acoustic covers – such as Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” – to her name, Grant’s likeable personality shines through her work. The self-titled “Aislinn Grant’s Accoustic EP” is currently available on iTunes.

Tracks to listen to: “Know This,” “Baby Got Back “

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