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Five Finger Death Punch assaults your ears

Mick Vaught

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With their third studio album, “American Capitalist,” Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP) bursts back on to the American heavy metal scene with an album that is among the top hard rock albums of the year.

Debuting at No. 3, “American Capitalist” is still one of the Billboard charts top selling hard rock albums for this week behind only Evanescence’s self-titled album, which stands at No. 1.

FFDP is no stranger to the charts, as this album joins “Way of the Fist,” which spent time on the charts, as well as “War is the Answer,” which is now at 128 on the Billboard 200.

The loyal Knuckleheads, as the bands fans have come to be known as, are not going to be disappointed with an album that shows how much the band has grown but continues with a sound and style reminiscent of their 2007 debut album, “Way of the Fist.”

With a combination of intense riffs and pounding drums “American Capitalist” quickly becomes an album worth reaching for.

“American Capitalist” is so simple in its style that fans of heavy metal can’t help but enjoy it. Five Finger Death Punch continues to put out brutal hard-hitting albums that prove they are a heavy metal band not to under-estimate.

Listeners got an early taste of the album with the release of the single “Under and Over it” which was released earlier in the year. The song’s heavy metal beats and intense riffs are matched by a catchy chorus and clean vocals that have made it a radio play.

From the outset, American Capitalist is a strong and hard hitting album that plays right into the hands of its fans with death metal guitar riffs on songs like “The Pride” and the title track.

While songs like “Under and Over it” may shy some away fans as the second song on the album, it starts out fast as lead singer Ivan Moody’s harsh vocals leave an impact. The chorus is catchy and Moody’s switch to a clean melodic vocal is seamless and shows just how much the band has changed since its start in 2006.

“Coming Down” and “Remember Everything,” slow the tempo of the album and showcase Ivan’s singing ability with clean vocals that are no less impactful than his gut wrenching and angry growls.

The album ends as strong as it began with “100 Ways to Hate” serving as one of the album’s heavier tracks.

Overall, it’s an album for the metal fan at heart that is sure to please the die-hard knuckleheads, however it may not immediately.


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Five Finger Death Punch assaults your ears