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Shows with more Qs than As

Pat Haynes

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“Lost” was one of the greatest shows in the history of television. In fact, it may be the greatest.

But let’s face it, it was frustrating as hell. Maybe that’s part of what made it so great.

After watching the show for six seasons to not find out the answers to some questions that were brought up in the first season is just upsetting. It seems that there have been a lot of shows lately that try to copy the formula that Lost perfected (not created), of making mysteries that keep the viewer interested, if not aggravated for never receiving the answer.

Some shows can create these mysteries with all the suspense that Lost had. Some fail miserably. Here’s a list of some shows with questions hanging in the air that need to give us some answers.

How I Met Your Mother

Dubbed affectionately by the show’s creators and writers, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, as the “Lost of sitcoms,” “How I Met Your Mother” revolves around a fairly straightforward premise: Dad telling his kids how he met their mother. Yet, seven seasons in, not only do we not know who the mother is, but we haven’t got the slightest clue.

There have been subtle hints throughout the show: she had a yellow umbrella; she was a student of Ted’s (Josh Radnor); she was Rachel Bilson’s roommate. However, most of these hints will not be followed up on for seasons. As a matter of fact, big parts of the series like the Slutty Pumpkin (which was brought back Monday) and Victoria weren’t touched on for SEVEN YEARS, which is longer than “Lost” was even on the air.

While fantastic, this show is great at frustrating its fans. And let’s not touch on the fact that this is the creepiest and most awkward story any Dad has told any child ever.

The Walking Dead

Sure, it has only been three episodes since the season one finale, but the bombshell of an episode occurred eleven months ago.

What the hell did Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whisper to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) right before he died? If the show follows the path of the graphic novel, it is completely understandable why Rick would pause and not finish his sentence in the season two premiere when he was going to reveal Jenner’s whisper. But if the show has proven anything, it’s that it is not following the path of the graphic novels to a tee.


While this show just began, it already has the makings for a great mystery. This can either lead to it going one of two ways. With the show already receiving a second-season pickup, the creators can choose to either contain the mysteries within the window of one season, like “Dexter” and “Damages” expertly do, or string them out for years like “Lost.”

While I hope we find out the truth as to whether or not Sgt. Brody (Damian Lewis) has been turned by Al-Qaeda this season, it would be interesting to see this mystery play out more long term. And with the relationship that has been building between him and his main investigator, CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), it would almost be more intriguing not to know, despite ultimately being exasperating.

Sons of Anarchy

This show doesn’t have quite the mythological element to it that “Lost” contained, but it sure did do a great job of stringing out questions for seasons while maintaining a very real element to the mysteries.

Just recently, we found out the truth to Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) father, John Teller’s, murder. And while it was a theory most long-time fans of the show suspected, the way it was revealed was spectacular.

There are still a few open threads, though: What the hell happened to Kyle Hobart? Who are the other Original Nine members? Did they know the truth about John’s death? Did Jacob Hale (Jeff Kober) have something to do with his brother Deputy Chief David Hale’s (Taylor Sheridan’s) death?

And if anything, this season has only provided more questions and fewer answers.

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Shows with more Qs than As