You stay classy, Western Illinois

Pat Haynes

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Well, Western, it’s been a long three and a half years, but it is finally time for us to part.

In a week after this paper comes out, I can stop saying I’m a student and start saying I’m a college graduate.

In the three years and some change that I’ve been at Western, a ton has changed for me. However, the one thing outside of my insane love for music that has remained the same is that I have been lucky enough to work for the Western Courier, where I literally get paid to sit behind a computer in my pajamas and rant about how good some band no one has ever heard of is.

I’ve learned a lot from my time at the Courier, and many of the lessons I’ve learned are ones that I will be eternally grateful for. I’d like to thank my former editors, Ed Komenda, Sarah Zavala, Bill Welt and Alyse Thompson, as well as our advisor Rich Moreno, for somehow seeing some shadow of potential in my admittedly horrible early pieces. Also, I’d like to thank all the copy editors who I have worked with and spent countless hours fixing each and every comma splice, misspelling and just general brain farts that I have, of which there are plenty.

The Edge is the one section of the paper that I have wanted to be involved with since day one. My first piece for the Courier was an Edge piece, and it was always the section that my heart was in the most. While working as the News Editor was fun because I got to learn a metric ton about city government and reporting, as well as getting to carry a fancier title, music and movies always interested me the most and were always where my writing shined the most (to toot my own horn just a tiny bit).

I also would like to thank the awesome staff of writers I’ve had to help me out this year. I’ll try to catch everyone. If I forget you, track me down and berate me because I would feel really bad and deserve it after all your hard work. I’d like to thank the Assistant News Editor Hunter Kelley, who as always helped me out with a music/movie/comic book review whenever I asked and has in many ways been the Robin to my Batman (HAH because he is a comic book dork). I’d also like to thank Sandra Sepaniak, Kathryn Brostowitz, Elana Katz, Dave Comerford, AJ Swenson and Corey Walker for writing me some awesome stories throughout the semester, many times the day before they were due. It is undecided yet which one of you will become the next Edge editor, but to whoever gets the job, I wish you the best of luck. I don’t doubt you will do an awesome job.

That’s about all I got. I guess for one last thing, I’d like to thank the Courier for helping me hone my abilities to the point where it has allowed me to take a job in Florida so I don’t have to suffer through the bitter winters of the Midwest. That is pretty cool.



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