He doesn’t want it that way

As a student worker, my schedule has made it difficult to eat at the UHDS dining facilities. Because of the limited hours of operation, I find myself eating at our Union frequently. While I may sometimes have the urge to grab a bagel or slice of pizza, my most frequent stop has been Burger King. Not only does it usually have smaller lines than Einstein Bagels, but it remains open into the night, allowing me to get food even after Student Government Association meetings. I feel like I never had any appreciation for the fast food chain until I arrived here at Western.

However, I’ve noticed a decline in the food served at our union’s Burger King. After Wendy’s changed to their new fries with sea salt, Burger King decided to hop on board with a new recipe. Unfortunately, before the switch, Burger King served my favorite fast food fries. Now, the fries are overly thick, which is a quality I do not enjoy from fast food French fries. I’ve also noticed a significant difference in the taste of the fries. No matter how many times I’ve attempted to eat the new fries, I’ve always ended up throwing out most of them. Now, I run into the situation where I attempt to order a burger and drink, but have to listen to how much better meal prices are. I appreciate value, but I feel like paying for fries that I no longer enjoy is not a better value.

While I feel that the fries don’t live up to my personal expectations, I also feel that the entrees are beginning to suffer. The past few times I’ve ordered food from the restaurant, I’ve noticed that they no longer melt the cheese on the burgers. While the ingredients haven’t changed, I feel that the un-melted cheese gives the burgers a somewhat unpleasant texture. I would never willingly grill a burger and serve it with cold cheese, which is why I can’t understand this move by a major burger chain.  If Burger King would like us to have it our own way, I would think they would do well by us if they stop giving us cold cheese on our burgers.

Though I may take issue with the fries and the cold cheese, I can still find joy in their menu. Although it isn’t the Steakhouse XXL burger that I loved, the smaller Mushroom and Swiss BK Topper has great taste and a thick beef patty for its size. The Chef’s Choice Burgers are all delicious by their own rights, especially the Bacon and Bleu Burger. I have to wonder how long I can enjoy these items, since the chain seems to discontinue the food I most enjoy.