Avoid anarchy on Wheeler

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Avoid anarchy on Wheeler

WC Editorial Board

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After months of debate and occasional upset, it’s finally here. 

The notorious Wheeler Street Block Party is set for this Saturday, and without question, both the city and students are in preparation.

However, it seems the city’s previous measures might stave off any extreme disorder this weekend. After interviewing some Wheeler residents, it seems the mass gathering ordinances passed by Macomb in March have scared many out of promoting the infamous event.

Some students are only hosting small, private gatherings, while others are skipping town completely.

To us at the WC, this makes sense. The consequences of these ordinances, like hefty fines and the police’s ability to break up any unauthorized party over 150 guests, brings the value of sponsoring a huge bash into question. 

And based on the reaction to last year’s event, it’s highly likely this year will not be pretty, either.  

So what should students do? Should they go to Wheeler and risk it for the sake of tradition, or should they avoid it at all costs?

That’s up to all of you. We just ask that you approach this weekend warily and intelligently. 

For those of you who are going to Wheeler, go with caution. Don’t walk around with open alcohol, and cooperate with the police if that situation arises. Also, if you are underage, definitely take that into consideration.

If you are looking for something to do Saturday that doesn’t involve drinking and possible legal consequences, Bayliss, Henninger and Tanner Hall Governments are hosting alternative events in North Quad starting at 10 a.m. Students can participate in a basketball tournament and enjoy food from a cookout.

Whatever students decide to do this weekend, the WC hopes they enjoy themselves in a responsible manner because at the end of the day, it will be better for everyone involved.