CC: Condoms: The key to a puss-free genitalia


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Editor’s note: This column contains graphic, adult content that may not be suitable for all readers.

Each time you have sex, I want you to imagine a small medical tube shoved up your urethra filtering urine out of your painfully swollen bladder.

Now, this is not something I would ever want to imagine, especially pre-coitus; however, after a conversation with a friend of mine, I have been forced to seriously reflect on the dangerous and disgusting world of STDs.

Like many doe-eyed freshmen, my friend, Bryan, ventured into his first year at another state university full of eagerness and wonder, but now five years later he is left with much more than a simple degree to remind him of his college tenure.

Bryan, like many of us eager young men, got a girlfriend — a hot girlfriend. She was 22, an art major and, most importantly, on birth control pills.

Now for most of us, the fact that our sexual mate is on the pill means one thing for us: freedom. To me, and maybe most other men, the pill also means worry-free, crazy, hot, monkey sex. We don’t have to worry about having a rubber around when the mood strikes or have to deal with it’s anesthetizing affects.

For my friend Bryan, it also meant a serious STD that lead to pancreatitis, surgery and painful medical procedures for the past four years of his life.

Although this is not the fate of all victims of STDs, it is result for some. Herpes can lead to pancreatitis. Chlamydia can cause painful swelling of the testes, and last but not least untreated syphilis can cause brain and other organ damage.

While it would be wonderful if everyone could be trustworthy and faithful, this is clearly not the case. The truth of the matter is, no matter how much you think you may know your girlfriend, you will not know the full extent of her past, or in some cases, her hidden present.

It is for this reason that I implore the men on this campus, hell, all campuses to use condoms no matter what. Now, I could very well encourage the women on this campus to do the same, but I’m not naïve enough to believe that the lack of condom use is due primarily to the discouragement of females. Yes, it’s possible that some women BEG their partners not to wear a condom, but I’m generalizing to make a point that I believe needs to be made: no matter how less awesome sex with a condom may feel, use a condom anyway.

Unless you spend every waking minute with your significant other, you will never be 100 percent certain he or she is disease free. So, unless you want to be arraigned for stalking, I suggest you wrap it up.

When Macomb, Ill., is a long distant memory you do not want to have a lasting scar. Don‘t let one night of unencumbered romance lead to a burden on the rest of your sexual experiences.