It’s a jungle out there

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It’s a jungle out there

Joshua terry courier staff

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The year has begun, and the parties are kicking off. The atmosphere is much different than any other high school party I have been to. It’s almost as if you are entering jungle ground, and everyone is somewhat animalistic. 

The crowds roar with frat guys and sorority girls who rule the territory and everyone else follows in herds to get to the next “resting” spot. Without much dancing taking place, the social night relies on whatever is easily accessible. It becomes a matter of who gets what, when and how. 

To be frank, females hold top priority in the alpha male’s judgment of who they will serve first, but females also prey on the opposite sex. I’ve personally witnessed girls using guys for material gain — bumming drinks or cigarettes. 

Walking down the streets, it is crucial that you stay close to your pack in order to make the best out of your night. I saw a girl that was distraught because the guy she had spent the night with ditched her, and she still had her personal belongings in his car. 

Not to say that you won’t survive, but as the saying goes, “Only the strong make it out alive.” Usually, freshmen are reminded to keep moving and to stay only in the party’s territory, which is where the action takes place. Drinks are disbursed, shared, spilled and even thrown. 

There comes a point in the night when the air grows in intensity. Yelling, ranting, cursing and slurring of words becomes the native language. For most, this is where the true mixing of breeds conflict. Not only are belligerent remarks thrown amongst groups, but even at innocent bystanders like me trying to make my way home. 

As crazy and strange as this all may sound, there is so much fun to be found and wisdom to be learned from the “jungle.” The name of the game is to watch your back at all times and to know your surroundings. Does a gazelle stand alone next to the lion’s den without knowing where the nearest escape route is? No, and neither should you. Be aware and have fun!