Abortion gaff warrants campaign resignation

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During an interview on Fox,Rep. Todd Akin gained instant notoriety when he clearly outlined how misinformed he was on the issues of women’s reproductive health and abortion.

The controversy arose after Akin was asked to explain his views on abortion, most of which he claimed was “from what (he) understands from doctors.”

Referring to pregnancy as a result of nonconsensual sex, Akin stated very candidly that, “If it‘s a legiti- mate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Akin clearly missed the part in sexual education class where he was taught that sperm cannot dif- ferentiate between a uterus it has entered consensually and a uter- us it has entered during a sexual attack. However, it is possible that human anatomy was not his main interest while he was completing a master’s degree in divinity.

Akin tried to elegantly back up his point: “Punishment ought to be toward the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

This may be the only comment Akin made that contains half-truth. Yes, rapists should be punished, and punished harshly. Akin was quick to say that the embryo should be avoided any pain and suffer- ing; however, Akin completely forgot another important party: the woman.

We can agree that a child born as result of rape should not be punished for how he or she was conceived — but in the case of abortion, we are not talking about a child. We are talking about a group of cells that a woman is legally allowed to have removed from her body.

Yes, modern advancements, such as emergency contraception, should eliminate some of the need for abortion — but these advance- ments should never take away the ability for a woman to choose what happens to her own body after she has been sexually attacked.

Regardless of how individuals feel about abortion, it is a serious medical procedure that can affect women in a number of ways, from physical side affects to emotional repercussions. By using the phrase “legitimate rape,” Akin implied that many women would lie about being sexually attacked in order to obtain an abortion.

Not only was Akin apparently extremely misinformed about how a woman’s reproductive organs work, but he also chose crude lan- guage to describe the situation. It is appalling for any politician as out-of-touch as Akin to seek further political office.

—WC Editorial Board 

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