Victor Olson, Courier Staff

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Editor ’s Note: Campus Confidential is a weekly column that normally runs on Fridays and contains some adult content.

Greetings incoming and returning Western Illinois University students! For those unfamiliar with his column series, Campus Confidential is the Western Courier’s infamous sex column. From the serious issues of sexual health and circumcision to the joyous world of adult toys and masturbation, Campus Confidential is the go-to guide for anything below the navel.

While I would love to dive right into a spicier topic, I am going to use my first column to provide a rundown on safe sex practices and the services

available to students to keep you and your partner lump and bump free.

The Beu Health Center, located on campus just west of Knoblauch Hall, provides a number of services to keep students healthy above and below

the waist. In addition to STD screenings, the Beu provides a number of sexual health services including annual exams and “education on sexual risk and emergency contraception.” They also provide numerous forms of

contraception. A complete list is available on the Beu’s website, which states, “Pricing of contraceptives are subject to change as

market costs change, but Beu is committed to offering contraceptives and other pharmaceuticals to students at the lowest possible cost.”

The most important form of birth control you can possess is right above your neck. Yes, I mean your head, and no, that was not an intentional pun.

Think before you enter into any sexual act. Sexual activity has numerous consequences that students should be aware of by the time they enter college. Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are not the only

dangers that can result from sexual promiscuity.

In the case of casual encounters with fairly unknown individuals, persons need to be extra cautious. In all likelihood, this year, someone will have a magical night with a bombshell, but wake up to a missing wallet. Remember, when you barely know the person you are spending a night with, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Be smart, be safe and I look forward to another semester of sex talk with my readers.