Katelynn henry,Alexis kathalynas

Katelynn henry :



Every time I tell someone I am majoring in political science, I get the same response: Why? Ultimately, my response is because I love politics and hope to break into the political arena one day after attending law school.

I realize that everyone has had to study political science to an extent. I’m sure everyone has taken an American government class. In these classes, students learn what the Constitution says and what rights they have as a citizen. They learn that you have the right to free speech and that this is a “free country.”

However, there is so much more to it. We live in a time in which we are born into politics. Nearly everything we do in our lifetime — our birth, marriage and death — must be recognized by the government. The government plays a role in every person’s life, every day, whether they believe it or not. Imagine a world without politics. The absence of politics is anarchy — absolute freedom of an individual. 

Who wouldn’t want that? On the surface, this may sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, anarchy can lead to the total opposite, turning into totalitarianism or a dictatorship. With these, citizens are forced to forfeit their rights and succumb to the government’s standards. 

The government was meant to be ruled by the people, yet people do not get involved. It actually scares me the number of people I hear stating that politics doesn’t affect them or that they don’t care about politics. 

There have to be people willing to step in and keep government balanced. I study political science because I want to be one of these people. Studying politics involves looking for trouble, finding whether it exists, diagnosing the problem and applying a solution. 

In order to make a change or make a difference, people need to be involved in their government. For some people around the world, they do not have this luxury. In the United States, however, citizens have the luxury of being involved. My major is important because politics affects nearly every aspect of my life, along with everyone else’s. 

Alexis kathalynas :

For those of you who don’t already know, political science is the study of politics, but it also focuses on different aspects of government, the purpose of government and its people, as well as our rights as Americans compared to other countries. Studying political science is important because you need to know how the government works and the role that you play in society.

In political science, you will become more aware and gain a better understanding of how politics works in the United States as well as around the world. Having even a basic understanding of politics can be helpful when it comes to watching the news or voting. 

Political science also teaches you the thought processes used by politicians. In a way, political science is a type of psychology because you have to understand the reasoning and ideas behind the events that have taken place in history or why actions were taken to get to where we are now.

You can benefit greatly from majoring in political science because it can increase your awareness, understanding and involvement in society. It can lead to conversation starters and discussions with people that you might not have ever thought of talking to before. It is also a great way to start your career path because there are many directions that you can take with political science. Since the presidential elections are this year, it’s a great time to be studying in this field.

I am a freshman this year, and I am majoring in political science with an emphasis in pre-law. I chose this major because I wanted to be a lawyer of some sort, and I have enjoyed my American government classes that I’ve taken in the past. I feel that it will give me a better understanding of how politics works and the different job opportunities there are in the area of law. By learning the role I play in society, I feel that I will have more of an open mind and a better appreciation of politics.

As one can see, having a major in political science is very useful whether you want to be president of the United States, a lawyer or just learn more about politics in general. There are many different subject areas that are covered in political science such as law enforcement, psychology and geography. Political science is not only about politics because it covers a much broader range than just the stereotypical information you hear on the news.