Sandals and socks: scandalous

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Sandals and socks: scandalous

Steve Lutz courier staff

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It happens to me all the time. When I’m on campus and I see it again, blaring in my face, it’s like a car wreck, and I simply can’t look away. What is this great disaster I’m talking about? Socks and sandals.

   I’ve never been able to wrap my head around this fashion statement. Socks are meant to keep your feet warm and absorb sweat to keep your shoes from getting stinky. Sandals, on the other hand, let your feet breathe and keep them cool in the summer months. The two are just so different, so why are they combined?I’ve tried to come up with some reason for this unholy union of footwear.

1. Saving time when going into the house. When I was living with my parents, the eternal rule always existed: “No shoes in the house.” I still remember the amount of time required to take them off, get something to drink and then put them back on. By combining socks and sandals, I guess I could save time and not be barefoot in the house.

2. Competitive floor sliding. Again, looking back to when I was younger, I remember sliding across the floor in my socks, trying to go further or faster than before. Are these people part of some competitive floor sliding league I’m unaware of (and would love to join) and need quick access to their socks?

3. Defiance of fashion sense. Some people are just rebels. They break the rules to their own course, and fashion sense is something that just stands in their way and needs to be ignored. So, they take the two most unlikely things they can think of, socks and sandals, and combine them to show the world how much of a rebel they really are.

4. Cult. I tend to stay away from organized religion, so maybe I am unaware of some new cult that is sweeping our college campuses. Is this new cult requiring the combination of socks and sandals to keep people close to the divine ruler? Are they preparing for an afterlife by having a thin layer of cloth around their feet as they walk on plastic?

5. Ugly feet. Maybe I’m insensitive on this subject. Is it possible that these people are extremely sensitive about their feet and want to enjoy the summer and sandals, but are afraid people will mock their feet? If that is the case, I apologize to those I offend.

6. Showing off socks. The last premise I can think of is that they are simply proud of their socks. They have spent a great deal of time and money picking out this particular pair of socks, and it’s a shame they can’t show it off. With the combination of sandals over their socks, they are finally able to show off what you’ve been wondering about.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to figure out why people want to combine socks and sandals to a fashion faux pas the likes of which haven’t been matched.