Fulton’s vegan season rages on

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Fulton’s vegan season rages on

Dana Fulton

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Editor’s note: This column is the second part of a two part series following this staffer’s journey and her commitment to living a vegan lifestyle during the month of September.

do not want to say I hate the vegan lifestyle, but in 144 hours, I will be devouring a large meat-lover’s pizza with ranch dressing, milk and something chocolatey for dessert. 

I might be exaggerating a bit. Several people still seem amazed by my ability to hold to my vegan promise. It should be noted — I have made a few mistakes. My family was not the most supportive system in the beginning. I honestly believe they doubted me. My first weekend home, my mother cooked biscuits and gravy and tacos. I stood strong during the biscuits, but the tacos cracked me like a little kid. Only two days in, and I already failed my initial mission.

That’s when I realized an important life lesson, and perhaps, my biggest takeaway message from this experience: I may have lost the battle, but I have not lost the war. I sat on that, and let it ring between my ears.

I set out to learn about others’ perceptions of vegans, what goes into our food and how difficult being a vegan can be. My taco-cave-in did not destroy my mission. After my relapse, I was back on the vegan trail.

Now, I know the fun-facts about veganism are what matter, so here we go:Turns out, Oreos and Nutter Butters are vegan.

Also: Entenmann’s Ultimate Cinnamon Pastry Twisters, Pizza Hut pizza (without meat or cheese), Kellogg’s Unfrosted Pop-Tarts, Munchos, Smuckers Uncrustables and Lay’s  potato chips.

Doesn’t sound like such a hard task now, does it? Trust me, cheeseburgers are the most desired objects imaginable when someone is eating one in front of you and you cannot have one. All the Oreos in the world cannot satisfy that feeling.

But, having limited food options gives you time to realize our society’s gluttonous nature. 

While sitting in the Union one day, peacefully munching on carrots, I observed the massive crowd that attacks the food area around lunchtime. 

People are willing to wait in line for almost an hour just for a bagel sandwich. Some individuals enjoyed almost three full slices of pizza. 

And others showcased our wasteful tendencies. One girl threw away half a frosted coffee beverage because it “was warm.” 

I truly believe from this point on, I will be a more conscious consumer, trying to avoid gluttonous desires and wasteful practices. Maybe that will be a project for October.