Color Craze 5k to come

Alexa Zoellner

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Community members of Macomb and the surrounding area are encouraged to participate in the Color Craze 5K at Western Illinois University on March 23.

“It’s a 5K fun run,” said Western senior Bethanie Litow, a health service management major and vice president of Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG). “It’s untimed and basically what it is, is participants start at the beginning of the race and then at four spots during the race there will be color stations and colored powder will be thrown at the participants. So, by the end of the race, they’ll be covered in color,”

Litow added that the powder is colored cornstarch and is therefore completely harmless.

The event is sponsored by ESG, the National Professional Health Education Honorary and Phi Epsilon Sigma (PES), a kinesiology honorary society. Last year’s Miss Macomb, Krista Shirley, has also been working closely with PES to organize the event.

“I have several main goals with it,” said Litow, who originally came up with the idea for the event. “One was to get people active and realize it can just be about having fun. It doesn’t have to be seen as a punishment or something you have to do.

“It should be something fun — something you want to do,” she added. “Another big push we had was to promote positive relations between the student community and the Macomb community and even the

surrounding communities.”

Besides Macomb, there has also been advertisement for the event in Monmouth, Galesburg, the Quad Cities, Peoria and Quincy.

“We are donating the proceeds to Special Olympics Western Area 4, which is the area of Special Olympics in Illinois which covers McDonough county and the surrounding counties,” Litow said.

“The idea behind the colors is to promote the fun aspect of it,” she said. “It’s unique. It’s not just running. It throws in the little unique punch I think to make it more exciting and just all about fun, not thinking, ‘oh I have to make it to the finish line’ or any of that. It just adds that little pizazz.”

Participants should  wear as much white as possible in order to show off the pink, purple, blue and green colored powder.

Upon check-in, beginning at 9 a.m., participants will receive a white Color Craze T-shirt and a color packet that will be used at the end of the run. The run is set to begin at 10 a.m.

Litow estimates that it should take no more than an hour for participants to complete the route.

There will be a dance party at Vince Grady Field at the end of the race when new waves of participants finish, they will throw the packets of powder they received up in the air to spread even more color.

There will be a DJ and refreshments at the dance party. The dance party and the event will end at noon.

Participants must be age 7 or older. As a safety precaution, pets and strollers will not be allowed in the race.

“Everyone is welcome,” Litlow said. “We’re really just trying to encourage getting active regardless of whether you’re a marathon runner or just a leisurely walker… It’s all about having fun, involving everyone and really just about building relationships amongst everyone.”

“Approximately 45 people have registered online,” she said. “Today we are almost to 200 likes on our Facebook page.”

“Our goal for right now is 250 people. Our big, big goal where we would have to cap it is 500,” Litow explained.

To register online visit For a paper application, visit Stipes Hall 402. The price for early registration is $35. Early registration ends March 8.

After March 8, the price to register is $50 and registration is open until the start of the race on March 23.

For more information visit, call the Department of Health Sciences at 309/298.1076 or email questions to

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