March has been madder than ever

Cody Rivera

The term “March Madness” was coined for a reason. The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament truly is madness in action. 

Every March, 68 college basketball teams come together to play for the national championship. Sometimes teams are paired against an evenly-matched team in the opening round, while other times the games feature a lopsided matchup. 

One thing that adds what appears to be madness to the tournament is when a team that is perceived to have no chance of winning a game puts up a solid fight. That’s exactly what Western Kentucky did in the 1 vs. 16 matchup. The team even went as far as to lead the Jayhawks by one point at halftime. Kansas ended up surviving by only seven points to advance.

Another element that makes the NCAA Tournament a hectic event is when an underdog team upsets a powerhouse school. 

One upset that likely stands out on hundreds of brackets is the No. 15 seeded Florida Gulf Coast knocking off the No. 2 seeded Georgetown Hoyas.National superstar Otto Porter was outplayed by Sherwood Brown, who scored  24 points and grabbed nine rebounds. 

It’s safe to say Madness fans most likely didn’t see Florida Gulf Coast winning that game.

Brackets across the country took another big hit when La Salle defeated Kansas State in the round of 64. The Explorers had to first win against Boise State in the play-in round to earn the right to play Kansas State. 

But La Salle thought differently as it blew the game wide open in the first half, leading the Wildcats 44-26 at the break. Kansas State made a run in the second half, but it was too late. Kansas State dropped the game by just two points, and were unable to fully close the gap and therefore busted hundreds of brackets.

The West Region has featured more upsets this year than any other region between Iowa State over Notre Dame, Harvard over New Mexico, La Salle over Kansas State, Ole Miss over Wisconsin and Wichita State over Pittsburgh. 

And then, in the round of 32, the No. 9 seed Wichita State knocked off the top seeded Gonzaga to advance to the Sweet Sixteen in Los Angeles. 

It has been a crazy year in college basketball, and it’s only fitting that the NCAA Tournament be just as wild. There is still plenty of game time left in the tournament, but brackets beware of lower seeded teams.